How Did I Do That?

If you are new to your digital camera and you take a picture that you really like, you might not know which camera settings contributed to the success. But every time you click the shutter button, the camera magically records all the settings in effect when that picture was made.

Canon 5D Mark III Playback Info Screen

You can see this information when you play back the photo on the screen. Press the Playback button and then press the INFO or DISP or I button. Your camera displays a thumbnail of your picture, a graph (called the histogram) indicating the exposure, and a host of other settings, including shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, white balance, exposure mode, and more. To understand what all the numbers and symbols in this display mean, see your camera manual to decode the message.

Some cameras do not display this information by default (notably Nikon models). You may need to open the Playback menus and turn on the Playback Options in order to see this info.

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