Improve Your Portraits with Editing

When we are taking pictures of people and pets, there are lots of things that can go wrong. We may not get close enough to eliminate distracting backgrounds. We may end up with an unwanted color cast due to the lighting. We frequently have problems with red eye or pet eye when we use the flash.

All these flaws can be easily remedied in photo editing software. You can crop out distracting backgrounds and make the picture fit a standard frame size (such as 8x10) all in one step. You can change the color to something both more accurate and more complementary to your subject. The before photo of Grace (below left) has a distracting background and a blue color cast. Cropping in on Grace and her cake and adding yellow improves the picture.

Grace before (left) and after cropping and color correction

In the picture below taken in a pet store, using the flash created unwanted glowing eyes in the little girl and the greyhound. A few simple clicks of the red-eye correction tool easily eliminates the red and blue eyes, producing better results than in-camera red-eye correction.

After fixing the glowing eyes (top), the picture of the girl and the dog is more pleasing.

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