Make Your Good Photos Look Even Better

We see lots of pictures on photo sharing sites online. If we compare our photos with what we see on the internet, we're often stumped about why other people's photos look so much better than ours, even if we have a good camera. What few people realize is that the best looking photos have had their best qualities enhanced by some simple edits.

Before (left) and after (right) straightening and adjusting the colors
Jupiter Lighthouse, Florida

In the days of print film, the photo lab always adjusted the brightness, contrast, color and sometimes cropping of the original capture to make a print that you'd be happy with. But unless you decided to learn more about photography and the darkroom, you had no clue that was happening.

With digital photography, you can be your own photo lab and bring out the best features of your favorite pictures. Even if you think the picture looks great right from the camera, it can be even better with a few tweaks in photo editing software. These changes are more specific and controlled than just adding a filter to a camera phone shot. You can fine-tune exactly what you want to improve for a custom look.

Before (left) and after (right) increasing contrast and strengthening color

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