Beware Automated Posting Apps

When I first began using social media to promote my photography teaching, I did not want to spend time sharing new posts by hand every time I wrote an article. So for years I have been successfully using to automatically share my posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

However, a colleague contacted me at one point to say she could no longer share my posts that appeared on LinkedIn. I could not figure out the solution and let the whole situation slide for a long time. Then I began to notice that I could no longer share my Facebook posts that had come from, either.

Turns out that social media platforms have restricted the ability to share posts that don't originate on their platforms. So while was saving me time by automatically sharing my blog posts, I was not getting the bang for my buck that comes when others share my posts.

So I've reverted to sharing my posts manually and now my friends and I can share my articles easily. Keep my story in mind in your social media strategy. Maybe an automated delivery system to social media platforms is not the bargain it might seem.