Find Missing Folders in Lightroom Classic

If you open the Folders panel in the Library module of Lightroom Classic, you may notice that some folders have a question mark by them. This means that the folder is no longer in the location that Lightroom knows about.

Several folders with questions marks indicating they are missing

To reconnect Lightroom with that folder, right+Click (Control+Click on Mac) and choose Find Missing Folder from the menu that pops up. Lightroom opens a Windows Explorer or Mac Finder window for you to search for the folder. Lightroom does not magically find the folder for you. You need to search for it manually.

Locating the missing folder (Windows Explorer)

After you have selected the correct folder, Lightroom reconnects it. This also updates any missing images that are in that folder. So if you have both missing images and missing folders, start with finding the folders first. That reduces the number of missing images you need to find. (See my previous post on locating missing photos.)

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