Around the House - By Window Light #1

Still Life #1

This week I expand on the idea of photographing around your house with a focus on window light. The idea is to rely on a window to supply soft, directional light for a variety of subjects. I'm going to share several possible subjects this week, but each of them could be its own project by window light for as long as you are interested.

In most cases you will need a tripod to help ensure a sharp photo since exposure times will be longer than for outside. Alternately, you could raise the ISO setting and turn on your camera's "anti-shake" settings to hand-hold the camera. Just be aware that this will increase the amount of noise in your shot.

Pick some flowers or grasses from your yard, place them in a vase and put the vase on a table by a window without direct sun. For the background use a piece of poster board that you prop up against the wall. If you want to include the bottom of the vase, create a "sweep" by putting part of the poster board on the table and bend the rest to lean against the wall.