Around the House - Window Light Macro Flowers #4

Macro Daisy
90mm Macro Lens
0.6 sec, f/4, ISO 125

You don't have to single out an individual blossom in order to create close-up views of flowers. If you purchase a bouquet of blooms, try shooting "through" or "past" other flowers in the group. Using a wide aperture (small f-number) and focusing on a flower on the far side of the arrangement allows other flowers to blur into a wash of color. Also pay attention to the color and pattern of the background so that it does not become a distraction.

Remember to notice where the camera focuses in this situation. Auto focus may want to focus on the closer flowers instead of the farther ones. You can change the focus area square so it rests over the distant flower. Or you can switch to manual focus. Live View is a great help to ensure your manual focus images are tack sharp.