Lightroom Classic Tools -- Graduated Filter

French Creek Overlook at Sunrise
Wise River, Montana

Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful image organizer and developer. Once you've adjusted sliders to affect the whole image, you can then fine-tune your results by making changes to separate parts of the photograph using a variety of Lightroom Classic tools. (These tools are also available in Lightroom (cloud-based version) and Adobe Camera Raw.)

In this picture I wanted to darken the sky slightly and remove the haze from the distant mountains. I also wanted to lighten the lower right corner that was in shadow and add some yellow to counteract the blue cast. Since I wanted to make different changes in each of these areas, I needed to use two different graduated filters.

Image before graduated filters

First, I dragged a graduated filter at an angle from the lower right corner up to the edge of the creek. For this filter, I lightened the Shadows slider and shifted the Temperature slider more toward yellow.

The red overlay indicates where the first filter takes effect.

Then I dragged another graduated filter down from the top of the image to just above the bushes in the foreground. Here I darkened the Exposure slider and increased the Dehaze slider slightly.

The red overlay at the top shows where the second filter takes effect.

The finished image with two Graduated Filters applied appears at the top of this post.

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