Lightroom Classic Tools -- Radial Filter

Pronghorn Antelope
National Bison Range, Montana

In last week's post on Lightroom Classic tools, I wrote about using the Graduated Filter to make changes to sky and foreground in a landscape image. In this post, I am sharing information about the Radial Filter. The Radial Filter lets you create an off-center oval or circle around a subject and adjust what happens outside the circle.

Image before radial filter

I wanted to focus the viewer's attention more on the animal than the surrounding vegetation. So I used the Radial Filter to create an oval around the pronghorn and then darkened the area outside the oval. This left the antelope slightly brighter than the grasses and thus more likely to draw the viewer's attention.

The red overlay shows where the darkening takes effect

The image at the beginning of this post shows the final result.

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