Photoshop Updates Save As Preferences


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As the result of several recent updates, Adobe has made important changes to Photoshop's preferences for the Save As command. Beginning with Photoshop 22.4, Adobe changed the default way the Save As command works for new documents. To change the Save As command so it works as it used to in version 22.3 and earlier, turn on the "Enable legacy Save As" preference. The screens look different, depending on whether you are using a Windows or Mac computer. 

Windows Computers

Here's how to do this for Windows computers:

  1. On Windows, choose Edit > Preferences > File Handling.
  2. In the top section of the File Handling window, turn on the box for Enable legacy "Save As".
  3. Click OK when you are finished.
Turning on Enable legacy "Save As" preference in Windows Photoshop 22.5

Mac Computers

 Here's how to change the Save As preference for Mac:
  1. On Mac, choose Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling.  
  2. In the top section of the File Handling window, the Default File Location to save files is the "Creative Cloud". This is helpful if you need to share the file with another Creative Cloud subscriber.
  3. Most people want to save files to their own computers. To change the Default File Location, click on the drop down box and select "On your computer".
  4. Turn on the box for "Enable legacy Save As". Two critical things happen:
    a) Photoshop automatically turns on "Do not append 'copy' to filename when saving a copy." And this option is automatically blocked, meaning you cannot turn it off.
    b) Photoshop displays a warning that it will be easy to overwrite your original file because the file name is not updated by adding the word "copy" automatically.
  5. Click OK to dismiss the warning. 
  6. When you are finished changing these preferences, click OK.
Default File Location preference on Mac Photoshop 23.3

Default File Location preference changed to "On your computer"

Turning on Enable legacy "Save As" preference
along with warning message

Making changes to the Save As preference takes place immediately. So the next time you choose File > Save As, Photoshop shows you the traditional Save As window where you can enter a different file name and select a different file format. Mac users, take extra care not to overwrite your original document with this new preference.