Smartphone Photography Tip of the Week -- Using Lenses #2

Mount Sentinel and Park
Missoula, Montana

In last week's smartphone photography tip, I wrote about using different lenses on your phone to create different images even when you are standing in the same place. In this post I explain why sometimes you might have to move when you switch lenses in order to include all the subjects you want in your photo.

In the three images at the top of this post, I have again photographed the same subjects using each of the three lenses on my Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. My goal was to include the light post, bench, and mountain in all three pictures. I started with the standard 1x lens and you can see the result in the top photo.

When I switched to the ultra-wide 0.6x lens, I was including too much grass and sky from where I was standing. So I walked several steps closer to the bench and light post until the composition was similar to the first image and took the frame on the bottom left.

Then I changed to the telephoto 3x lens. This cropped away the top of the mountain as well as the bench. So I had to take several steps farther away until I could fit the mountain, light post and bench in the picture on the bottom right.

Once again the ultra-wide 0.6x lens "pushed the mountain away", making it appear shorter than the light post. And the telephoto 3x lens "pulled the mountain closer", making it appear much taller than the light post and enabling you to see the M (for the University of Montana) on the side.

Next time I'll have tips on which lens to use when photographing people.