December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, 2015

Best wishes for a happy holiday season
peaceful 2017

December 12, 2016

Making a Simple Holiday Card with Adobe Lightroom

Cards printed with Lightroom

Using Lightroom's greeting card template in the Print module, you can make a simple card from your images. I'll detail the following steps using Lightroom CC:
  1. Gather the images
  2. Choose the printer and paper size
  3. Select the template
  4. Add the photo
  5. Adjust the layout
  6. Create a template
  7. Print the cards

1. Gather the Images
Begin by selecting one or several images in the Library module that you want to use for your holiday cards (or any card). Do any processing you want in the Develop module. Then put the finished images in a Collection. I called my collection "Holiday Cards." Be sure you have selected the collection before going to the next step.

[Click on images for a larger view.]

Images in Collection


December 9, 2016

Visual Storytelling

In the latest e-newsletter from Craft & Vision is an article on "Visual Storytelling" by Andy Biggs. His seven tips enumerate the types of shots you want to include in your slideshow or other presentation to tell the story of your adventure.
  1. Opening shot
  2. Wide-angle shot
  3. Zoom (telephoto) shot
  4. Macro/detail shot
  5. Portrait
  6. Special moment
  7. Closing shot
Here is a story from a visit to a working Montana cattle ranch.




Macro / detail

Special Moment



These ideas are very similar to the Life photo magazine formula that was so successful for many decades. Read the full article for visual examples and further explanations. Following these suggestions will make your slideshow or print portfolio stand out.

December 6, 2016

Making Holiday Cards

It's the time of year when people purchase and send holiday greeting cards. Here are links to two articles I've posted in the past that address this topic. One tells you how to make your own card using Photoshop Elements (steps will be similar for Photoshop) and the other tells you about Photographer's Edge pre-printed card templates to which you add your own lab prints. Watch my blog for an upcoming article on creating and printing a card in Lightroom.

Made with Photoshop Elements

Make a Holiday Photo Card Using Photoshop Elements

Make a Holiday Photo Card with Photographer's Edge Cards

Made with Photographer's Edge Cards