Slave Quarters

Dr. Anson Jones

Barrington Plantation

Texas Wildflowers #4

Texas Wildflowers #3

Texas Wildflowers #2

Texas Wildflowers #1

Surprise Aurora

Glacier Lily with Log

Glacier Lily Portrait 2

Glacier Lily Portrait

Glacier Lilies in Bloom

A Flower Diptych

Try Something Different

Move Closer

Variation on a Theme

A Flowering Tree Portrait

Explore Your Local Flower Garden

Learn, Photograph, Review

Triangles of Delight

Spring Montana Style

The Great American Eclipse -- Pinhole Version

The Great American Eclipse -- April 8, 2024

Summer Photography Classes Available Now!

Double Spring

Tulips in the Making

New Life

First Day of Spring

Show Motion with Shutter Speed

Take the Opportunity to Make a Picture

Heartfelt Wishes

Lead Your Viewer Through the Picture

Shoot Pictures After Dark - No Flash Needed

Speedy Searches in Lightroom Classic

My Best Side

Sharp & Well Exposed Without Automatic

Animals in Winter II

Cloudy Skies? Try Black & White

A New Year? Time to Update Your Copyright

It's a New Year!